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Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapy can help with a variety of challenges, from developmental delays to sensory processing difficulties and fine motor skill skills. We specialise in creating personalised interventions to enhance functional abilities, promote independence, and support overall well-being.

See below for just some of the things our team can help with.

female child  hand writing school work

Fine Motor Skills

Fine motor skills are the more delicate and refined movements used by our hands for tasks such as drawing, writing, buttons, zippers and so much more.

children in classroom laughing

Sensory Processing

Every day we experience a variety of senses such as touch, smell, sound, taste and sight. We use our senses to interact with our environments and live our lives.

toilet training with rubber duck

Toileting and Self Care

Self-care refers to the daily tasks people complete to take care of themselves independently. Some of these daily tasks include toileting, bathing, feeding and sleep.

boy with black reading glasses smiling and learning in the classroom

Visual Perception

Visual perception relates to our brains ability to make sense of the information our eyes see, such as size, shape, location, and movement.

children playing tug of war

Gross Motor Skills

Gross motor skills refers to movements made by the larger muscle groups of our body which enable us to complete tasks such as running, jumping, climbing.

child writing schoolwork with teacher


Handwriting is a complex skill that requires the coordination of motor, visual, sensory, and cognitive abilities. It is a fundamental skill we require in everyday life.

boy jumping laughing and playing

Social Skills and Play

Social skills are the foundation of sustaining positive relationships with others. Social skills are crucial for making friends and maintaining relationships in daily life.

girl smiling while finger painting

Emotional Regulation

Emotional regulation skills are how we manage our emotions and behaviour in everyday life. Some children may have trouble regulating these emotions.

woman in a wheelchair painting on a canvas

Functional Assessments

Functional assessments are specialist assessments conducted by a occupational therapist to understand your functional abilities in relation to living daily activities.

boy learning visual activity

Attention Skills

The ability to stay focused to a task and keep it there is known as attention. Attention can be affected by motivation, self-esteem, and some disabilities.

Speech Therapy
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Other Ways We Can Help

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