Visual Perception

Visual Perception

What are Visual Perception Skills?

Visual perception relates to our brains ability to make sense of the information our eyes see. A person or child may have perfect 20/20 vision but still have difficulty processing what they have seen and how their body can interact with objects in their environment.

  • Hand-Eye Coordination - The ability to coordinate movements based on what is seen by the eyes (i.e. drawing straight or curved lines within a visual boundary)

  • Visual Discrimination - Ability to differentiate and classify objects based on size, colour, shape, position etc.

  • Visual Sequential-Memory - Recalling a sequence of objects, shapes or symbols in the correct order

  • Visual Figure-Ground - The ability to see and differentiate an object in a busy or complex background

  • Visual Memory - Recalling an object's shape, movements, sequence, colour or symbols

  • Visual Spatial-Relations - Organising visual information to be aware of the body's position in space and how it interacts with different objects (i.e. walking through a doorway without bumping or moving in a crowded space)

  • Visual Closure - Recognising a shape or object even when part of the image is missing

  • Visual Form-Constancy -  The ability to identify or sort objects, shapes, symbols, letters, and/or words, despite a difference in their position or size.

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