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Initial Consultations & Assessments

All therapy services require an initial consultation to gather a full medical history from you, identify your goals, carry out any formal assessments and conduct clinical observations to better understand your abilities and assist our therapists in developing a custom treatment plan tailored to you.

Speech Pathology Initial Assessment


Occupational Therapy Initial Assessment


Physiotherapy Initial Assessment


Therapy Consultations

Speech Therapy

$192.00 / hour

Occupational therapy-bro.png

Occupational Therapy

$192.00 / hour



$192.00 / hour

Additional Services We Offer

Letters, Reports and Documentation*

*NDIS and comprehensive reports can take at 2-3 hours to complete due to their complexity and additional information required to complete.

$192.00 / hour

Travel to Patient Home/Facility

$96.00 / ea

Phone Consultations

$48.00 per 15 mins

Fee Schedule

For a full list of our fees including all of the services we provide, please feel free to download a copy of our Schedule of Fees.

E. Cook // Townsville, QLD

“I'm so thankful for these guys! Always going above and beyond to help me out. Thank you, thank you, thank you."
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