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Attention Skills

The ability to pay attention to a task and keep it there is known as attention. Attention can be influenced by motivation, self-esteem, sensory integration, practice, language difficulties and any existing diagnosis. Diagnosed conditions such as ADHD, Auditory Processing Disorder and Sensory Processing Disorder can often result in difficulty with attention and concentration.

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boy learning visual activity

How to Know If a Child or Person Has Difficulty With Attention?

A child or person with attention difficulties may:

  • Fail to attend to a task when required/requested to do so

  • Miss finer details in instructions

  • Make the same mistakes (due to not learning from past attention)

  • Find themselves unable to listen to all of the information presented or lose focus very quickly

  • Find it physically difficult to either calm down (as they are in a hyperactive state) or to ‘wake up’ when they appear sleepy and lethargic

  • Begins a task but quickly becomes distracted by something else and then ‘forgets’ to complete what was asked of them

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