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Speech Therapy

Speech Therapy can help with a range of communication difficulties, like trouble talking, understanding language, and saying sounds clearly. We specialise in paediatrics, complex disabilities and dysphagia management. Speech Therapy can help bridge the gap between communication and independence.

See below for just some of the things our team can help with.

little girl and speech therapist practicing sounds

Speech Sounds

Speech sounds are the building blocks of spoken language. We provide support to help correct speech sound delays and irregular phonological processes.

older woman drinking tea

Dysphagia (Swallowing)

Dysphagia is a potentially life-threatening condition that affects a person's ability to swallow food or drink safely without it ending up in their lungs.

children in a huddle smiling

Social Skills (Pragmatics)

Social skills are a vital part of a child's development and key to making friends. We work with many children to help develop these skills.

boy yelling into microphone

Language Disorders

Language is what we use to express ourselves and there are many disorders that can leave a person unable to speak or with limited communication.

girl with glasses reading a book

Literacy and Reading

Literacy and reading are life long skills and for many reasons, a person or child may have a difficulty developing these skills without support.

childrens hands together in a circle

Workshops and Events

We offer workshops and events at different times throughout the year working on social skills, parent education and much more.

little boy laughing

Stuttering and Fluency

Clinical studies show that early intervention is key when it comes to stutters and fluency problems. Our Speech Pathologists are fully qualified to help with this.

girl with glasses smiling

Complex Disabilities

Our team has worked with many patients with complex and rare disabilities that affect their communication or swallowing abilities in different ways.  

Speech Therapy
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Other Ways We Can Help

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