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Therapy at School

Having your therapist attend your child's school to provide therapy can be great for families with busy schedules, especially during the school year. However, there are a number of steps involved in having your Therapist visit your child's school for therapy.

Eligibility Criteria

School therapy can be great for busy families, however due to high demand, we do have strict eligibility criteria for patients and families who wish to have their therapist travel to school.

​To access school therapy through our clinic, patients must:

  • Complete All Assessments prior to school therapy

  • Have a good attendance record

  • Commit to attending appointments outside of school period (we can't hold spots for school therapy only)

  • Complete all required paperwork

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Fully Assessed

All patients must have completed all assessments in the clinic first.


Regular Attendance

We can't hold places outside the school year. Patients must book in over school holidays.

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Paperwork Complete

All paperwork must be completed and provided to us 2 months before school starts.

Discuss Availability

All of our therapists have a designated travel schedule and service area so we encourage families to discuss the possibility of school therapy with their therapist and our friendly team first.


Please keep in mind that School Therapy isn't beneficial for all children so have a chat with your therapist to see if this is something that would work well for your child.

Requesting School Therapy

If you've already explored availability with your therapist or engaged in discussions with our clinic, the step-by-step resource below will walk you through the process.


Complete Access Request

The primary relationship regarding the student is between the school and the parent. Parents should fill out an NDIS access request form given by their child's school. To obtain a copy, please reach out to your school.


It's important to note that NDIS providers are not allowed to request access directly from the school.


Additional Information

The school might require additional details from the student's parent(s) to reach a decision, which could require a face-to-face meeting. NDIS providers may be invited to participate in the meeting, or parents may request their assistance in supplying more information to the school.

All information must be directly provided by the parent to the school.

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School Decision

The principal will communicate the decision to the parent(s) through a letter. This letter will contain the necessary details that the school needs before signing an Access Agreement.

Parents hold the responsibility of informing both the NDIS provider about the school's decision and requesting the NDIS provider to provide the additional information specified in the letter.


Therapist Information

Upon the school decision, the Therapist will provide information for the Access Request including staff details, certifications, insurance coverage, and specifics about the nature of NDIS support at the school during school hours, as well as any proposed use of school equipment or materials.

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Access Request Agreement

The school, student's parent(s), and NDIS provider mutually sign the Access Agreement form, outlining the terms and conditions for delivering NDIS support at the school during school hours.


Provider Training

The Access Agreement mandates that NDIS provider staff delivering support at the school during school hours must complete mandatory training. This may include the school's MAST training, school-specific inductions, and any additional training required by the school principal for child protection or health care needs.

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Service Provider Fees

Please be aware that any time and attendance of our therapists completing activities concerning school access requests on your behalf, will be subject to fees at our standard hourly rate.

For more information regarding our schedule of fees, we invite you to review our most current fees below.

Reviewing Paperworks

Want to Know More?

If you want more information about the process, please refer to the official NDIS Provider Access to State Schools Procedure from the Department of Education QLD

*This link redirects to the QLD Government, Policy and Procedure register

Our Services

Our clinic provides Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy, and Speech Pathology services to children and adults, no matter the age, no matter the ability level.

Speech Therapy

We provide Speech Pathology services for children and adults. Our Speech Pathologists have experience with a wide range of conditions and can help with many different language problems.

Occupational Therapy

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We provide support to all of our patients with their Occupational Therapy needs. Our team has experience with emotional regulation disorders all the way through to equipment trials and functional assessments.



With experience in a variety of areas such as balance, joint alignment, limb weakness, neurological disorders our physio team provides support for adults and children with a disabiltiy or injury.

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