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We are a fully registered NDIS Provider which means we can provide the following therapeutic services to NDIS participants:

The following services can be covered if you have an NDIS plan:

The NDIS will also cover the following extras:

  • Provider Travel Costs

  • Reports & Mealtime Plans

  • Home Programs

  • Training for Parents & Carers

  • Telehealth / Telemedicine

  • Therapist Non-F2F Supporting Activities

NDIS Claimable Services

The following supports can be claimed under your 'Improved Daily Living' budget:

We support NDIS_2020-01.png
Service Name
Inital Consultation & Assessment
$ 384.00
30 Minute Therapy Session
$ 96.00
45 Minute Therapy Session
$ 144.00
60 Minute Therapy Session
$ 192.00
90 Minute Therapy Session
$ 288.00
Dysphagia Assessment (Incl. Report)
$ 384.00
Clinical Phone Consultation
$ 48.00 / Per 15 mins
Travel Fees
$ 96.00
Comprehensive NDIS Report
$ 192.00 / hr
Non-F2F - Therapist Administrative Activities
$ 192.00 / hr

*Refer to your NDIS plan or speak to your local NDIS partner to confirm you have 'Improved Daily Living' listed in your plan.

Therapy from Core Budget?

Some patients may be eligible to have therapeutic supports covered under their 'Core' support budget'.


If you require this, please notify our team before your appointment so we can setup your appointments to be covered under the 'Core' support category.

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