Sound Production
Expressive & Receptive

Speech refers to our ability to make the sounds that make up speech.


Children with a speech delay can be difficult to understand.  This can result in frustration, as they cannot be understood.


We have a wide array of assessments, tools and techniques that can help diagnose and treat children suffering with a speech difficulty.

Language refers to our ability to  express ourselves (expressive language) and understand (receptive language).


Language difficulties can often make following directions and expressing yourself very difficult. This can result in frustration in small children, as they are not able to effectively communicate.


We have a wide array of assessments, tools and techniques that can help diagnose and treat children suffering with a language difficulty 

Reading & Writing

Literacy is our ability to read and write. A literacy delay can greatly impact a child’s learning experiences when it comes school based education. 


Difficult with literacy can make keeping up at school difficult. 


If your child is having trouble at school they may have a literacy delay, which can be helped through the assistance of a Speech & Language Pathologist.

Social Skills

Social Skills or pragmatics refers to the complex unspoken rules we use everyday to understand and participate in social situations. From knowing what or what not to say in different situations to changing how we speak depending on whom we are talking to, pragmatics is a key part of a child’s development.


In the Australian language there are always ifs and buts and exceptions to the rule and this can understandably cause confusion for some children, but with the guidance of a trained speech language pathologist a child can be taught the appropriate social rules so they can express themselves properly.

Stuttering and Flow

Fluency refers to the flow of natural speech patterns when forming sentences. 


Stuttering is an example of a disruption to the fluency or flow of speech, greatly impacting the ability to communicate effectively.


If your child has began to stutter, it is important to consult a Speech Language Pathologist right away as early intervention is key to overcoming fluency disruptions in young children.

If your child has a diagnosis of Autism (ASD), Cerebral Palsy, Down Syndrome or has trouble with any of the above speech & language delays, don't hesitate to contact us and book your first session today.

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