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Our Story

Welcome to "Our Story" – a glimpse into the heart and soul of Little Sparrows Therapy.

Every company has a tale to tell; ours is a journey of passion, growth and teamwork. Growing from a grassroots company to a bustling clinic has been a journey that we have been blessed to experience.


Our History


Humble Beginnings

Little Sparrows Therapy is a family-run clinic that has operated in the Cairns region since 2015. It all started with Kimberley Campbell, a passionate speech pathologist with a vision to provide exceptional care and speech therapy for people in her hometown of Cairns, Queensland.


From Mobile Service to Thriving Clinic

In the early days, Kimberley dedicated herself to serving patients in the comfort of their homes and schools. However, as the demand for her expertise grew, she realised it was time to expand. Joined by her husband Joshua, they embarked on an exciting journey to establish a dedicated clinic that could better support the community.


The Pease St Clinic

Our first clinic, located near Edge Hill on Pease Street, may have been modest in size, but it was filled with a world of wonder for our young visitors. With a well-equipped treatment room and a cozy reception area, it became a nurturing space where children could thrive. And let's not forget the magical pond in the atrium, where young imaginations flourished, believing that only those with "magic eyes" could spot the invisible fish swimming within its depths.


Welcome to Westcourt

After six months at Pease Street, our waitlist grew, signaling the need for expansion. Determined to meet the rising demand, we moved to a beautiful and spacious location on Mulgrave Road in Westcourt. With up to six treatment rooms, we had the perfect environment to accommodate more families and provide enhanced services.


Growing the Team

As our clinic flourished, so did our team. Kimberley and Joshua understood the importance of assembling a passionate group of professionals to support the Cairns community. Welcoming a talented group of speech pathologists, our little team grew, enabling us to make an even greater impact in our community.


Accessability for All

At Little Sparrows, we believe that everyone deserves equal access to quality care. To ensure inclusivity, we undertook extensive renovations to install an accessibility ramp and toilets, making our clinic a welcoming space for all patients.


Expanding Our Horizons

Our founder, Kimberley Campbell has always dreamed of creating a multidisciplinary clinic where various specialists collaborate to provide comprehensive support and in 2021, that dream became a reality when Little Sparrows Therapy welcomed Stacey Coleman, a highly experienced senior Occupational Therapist. With this exciting addition, we began to offer Occupational Therapy services alongside our Speech Therapy offerings, empowering children and people on all fronts.


A New Identity

With continued growth and changes to the core service offering, we recognised the need for a company name that better represents our expanding range of services. After seeking feedback from our patients and community, we decided to retain the beloved Little Sparrows brand while dropping the 'Speech' part from our name. Thus, in 2022, we officially became Little Sparrows Therapy—a multidisciplinary practice dedicated to enhancing the lives of children and families in our community.


Say Hello to Physiotherapy

As our little clinic continued to expand, we realised that our commitment to comprehensive care extended beyond just speech therapy and occupational therapy. In 2023, we took a leap of faith and expanded our services to include Physiotherapy—a crucial element in enhancing our patients' physical development and well-being. Now our clinic offers the full spectrum of support to our beloved families.

Thanks For Reading!

We can't wait for our next adventure where we continue to grow, learn, and make a difference in the lives of those we work with.

See you in the next chapter!

A Fun and Family Centred Clinic

Kids Drawing

Child Focused Therapy

We have a large collection of toys, books and games to assist us with our child-centred therapy programs.

Family Portrait 5

Family Inclusive Activities

We love having family included in therapy activities. We find it makes the biggest difference in outcomes.

Stacking Blocks

Skills for the Future

Our main focus is helping our patients build the skills to thrive independently for their future. 

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