Our History

Humble Beginnings

Little Sparrows Therapy was founded by Kimberley Campbell as a Speech Therapy service for children in the Cairns region back in 2015.

Little Sparrows Therapy (or as it was known at the time Little Sparrows Speech Therapy) started out as a mobile service, with Kimberley travelling to patients' homes and schools across the Cairns region, but with growing demand and more time spent in the car than helping her patients, Kimberley knew it was time to make some changes. Partnering with her husband Joshua they developed a business plan and together they set out to establish a small clinic in the heart of Cairns to better care for all of the patients who desperately needed support.


Kimberley Campbell - Our Founder

The Pease Street Clinic

Our first clinic was the Pease Street clinic which contained a single treatment room with a small reception located just near Edge Hill. Although it was small, it was filled with plenty of great toys, books and resources that Miss Kimberley insists were strictly for work purposes only.


A much-loved feature by all of our younger patients was the small pond in the atrium area of the clinic. Despite the pond not having any fish in it, we were assured by many of our young dreamers that there were in fact “lots of different fish, but you need magic eyes to see them”.

A New Home For The Clinic

After around 6 months at our Pease St Clinic and a growing waitlist again, we knew we needed to grow our team to assist with the growing demand, but first we needed more space as our Pease St clinic just wouldn’t do. Luckily we were able to find a beautiful central location in Westcourt on Mulgrave Rd. With up to 6 Treatment Rooms we had plenty of room to grow.

Growing the Family

Not long after the opening of the clinic, Kimberley and Josh knew it was time to hire some extra help to support the overwhelming demand for services; and so, Little Sparrows began the search for another all-star speech pathologist to join the team and better support the Cairns community. 


With an amazing team of therapists that have joined us over the years, the clinic has continued to grow. But we're always on the search for passionate and amazing people to help us to help all of our amazing and wonderful patients.

Disability Access & Renovations

As Little Sparrows continued to grow and with the rollout of the NDIS, it was obvious that we needed to install an accessibility ramp and toilets in our building to provide an accessible clinic for all our patients. It was a long process with council approvals but we were finally able to break ground in 2020 and our accessibility ramp and toilets were installed and ready to go. Since then we have had numerous patients and families enter our practice through our new accessible entryway, ensuring our clinic is disability compliant.

Occupational Therapy Service

It has been a dream for many years of the founder, Kimberley Campbell to grow Little Sparrows into a multidisciplinary clinic where clinicians with different skill sets can work together to better support patients and people of the community. In 2021 our clinic welcomed a senior occupational therapist 'Stacey Coleman' to the team who has helped integrate Occupational Therapy into the service offerings at Little Sparrows.

Company Rebrand and Name Change

With the inclusion of Occupational Therapy as part of the clinic’s service offerings, it was decided that our company name could no longer be known as “Little Sparrows Speech Therapy” as it no longer represents the fact that we now provide Occupational Therapy services to our patients and the community. 

After putting it out to some of our patients and the community, it was found that everyone really loved the Little Sparrows brand and didn't want us to change it, so a decision was made to simply drop the ‘Speech’ part out of our name to show that we provide more than just 'Speech Pathology' services at our clinic now.


So in 2022 Little Sparrows Speech Therapy officially changed its name to Little Sparrows Therapy to better represent that we are a multidisciplinary practice. Despite the change in name, we are still the same therapy practice that our patients and community partners have come to know and love since being founded back in 2015. 

"Join us for our next adventure"

A Fun and Family Centred Clinic

Kids Drawing

Child Focused Therapy

We have a large collection of toys, books and games to assist us with our child-centred therapy programs.

Family Portrait 5

Family Inclusive Activities

We love having family included in therapy activities. We find it makes the biggest difference in outcomes.

Stacking Blocks

Skills for the Future

Our main focus is helping our patients build the skills to thrive independently for their future. 

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